Quran Quest 2022

(Coming to Sacramento!)

What is Quran Quest?

Quran quest is a great way to advance in Quranic and Islamic knowledge via studying selected surat Tafseer. Healthy competition ensures a fun experience for all!

MAS Sacramento is teaming up with MAS Bay Area to bring this exciting competition to the Muslim Community of Greater Sacramento.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write us at

Download Study Materials

  • Level 1 (4th-5th grade): Tafseer of Surat Al Mulk, Al Qalam, Al Haaqqa, Al Maarij, and Nuh. (PDF File)
  • Level 2 (6th-8th grade): Tafseer of Surah Taha (PDF File)
  • Level 3 ( 9th- 12 grade): Tafseer of Surah Yunus (PDF File)
  • Level 4 ( Family & friends): Tafseer of Surah Yunus (PDF File)

Schedule and Guidelines

Competition date: 03/05/2022

Competition location: SALAM Islamic Center (4545 College Oak Dr, Sacramento, CA 95841)

Please read carefully the Guidelines and Schedule of the 2022 Quran Quest.


The cost is $100 per team registration.

All money collected for registration is used for T-shirts, decorations, print-outs, and other logistics.

Competition prizes are fully funded through the competition’s generous sponsors and donors.

Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a lot of Frequently Asked Questions into this document: (PDF File)

If you have further questions, please email us at